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Learn from Some of the Best

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced player, Goose Creek Golf Academy is the place for you to improve your game and enjoy the sport.

We have everything you need to play better golf:

  • Chipping Greens
  • Practice Bunkers
  • 18 Hole Championship Golf Course at Goose Creek Golf Club
  • Indoor and Outdoor Practice Areas
  • Video
  • Launch Monitor
  • Real Grass Practice Tee
  • Practice Putting Greens

Our Coaches

Phil Moore

Golf Instructor, Club Fitter, Club Maker

(951) 377-6268


For New Students - Only $79

If you’ve been struggling for a long time to lower your average score, you’re either playing to your full potential or you have a limited understanding of the game, your equipment, or the process of improvement. I doubt you’re scoring to your full potential, so let me help you discover why.

I’ll evaluate your putting, chipping, pitching and full swing skills. I’ll also measure the specifications of your current clubs and determine how well they complement your size, strength, and natural swing motion.

Finally, I’ll give you a copy of my book, “Understanding Golf”, and I’ll explain how I believe you could most easily lower your average score.

Book your evaluation today, call (949) 377-6268 or email Coach Phil at [email protected].