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Steve Tanis

Steve Tanis

Steve is currently a level 2 PGA Apprentice, with a goal of becoming a full PGA Member by December 2019. Steve has over 30 years of competitive golf experience, playing in high school, college and beyond. After 20yrs of working in the private non-profit sector he found his calling as a golf instructor. For the last 3 years he has been a key instructor for the Goose Creek Golf Academy’s junior golf program, with well over 100 juniors enrolled year around.

Steve has a passion to see golfers, young and old, beginners and experienced, achieve their golfing potential by teaching them “how to play golf.” Each student has different abilities, swings and needs. Therefore, instruction is tailored to each person focusing on key fundamentals, with the ultimate goal in mind, “lower scores.” The most important swing key is, impact and the relationship between the direction of the club path and direction of the club face. Impact is the “moment of truth” that will determine whether the ball flies to your target or not. A student’s understanding of this truth will greatly enhance their ability to improve impact conditions and gain more consistency.

Steve uses various teaching modalities to help students understand and apply information, verbal communication, visual illustrations and kinetic feedback tools. Some of these tools include:

  • JC Video Motion Analysis software
  • Hudltechnique Video Analysis
  • Flight Scope launch monitor
  • TrackMan Radar “COMING SOON”