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Jerry Crowell, PGA

(951) 201-4941

Jerry Crowell, PGA

Jerry Crowell is a Class A PGA member and co-star of the golf swing DVDs “Chasing a Legend, Decoding the Swing of the Legendary Mike Austin,” and the WAXGOLF.COM video “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing.”

Jerry is an accomplished tournament player. His honors include being a four-time Inland Empire PGA Player of the year and also a winner of the SCPGA Match Play Championship. Jerry’s instruction has been featured in the Southland Golf Magazine, and he is currently writing for and can be seen at

Teaching Philosophy

Jerry’s teaching is based upon the MCS concept of the golf swing (Mechanically Correct Swing). A swing that has these principles will not only provide the most efficient way to hit the best shots that one is capable of, but will also keep you free from injury. These principles are based on the way the human body can best perform a movement such as the golf swing. Jerry’s goal is for you to “own” your swing.

Using the best Doppler radar systems to track you golf club and golf ball, and with our JC Video system, you will truly know and stop guessing when it comes to your golf swing.

From early golfers to tournament players, Jerry can provide the knowledge you are looking for to achieve your goals.